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Fellow Vessel is an anthemic Indie rock trio hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band’s resonant sound is comprised of the soulful and dynamic songwriting abilities of singer/guitarist Robin Sawaya, and amplified by the skilled drumming of Max Salmon, and precise bass playing of Andrew Pannell. Together the magnetic and polished music they produce can be comparable to the likes of “Young The Giant” and “Kings of Leon".

It was during a Joe Walsh concert that Robin had a moment of self-realization. He decided to leave his engineering job to pursue his music career by starting his own band with high school classmate, Max Salmon. The name, “Fellow Vessel”,  stems from the concept of everyone being their own vessel of thoughts, feelings and experiences. In an effort to reach their audience more intimately, they aim for their shows to be a platform of personal expression and shared energy.

Their public debut began in April 2017, when they released their first lively single, “Pretty Shade”, and more recently, “Sequel”. In addition Fellow Vessel released a music video of their first single as foreplay for their March 2018 release of their Debut EP "In The Morning". 

Since they began to perform live in October 2017, Fellow Vessel has performed at local San Francisco venues such as DNA Lounge, Neck of the Woods, Bar Fluxus, and PianoFight. They had a EP Release party at the legendary SF venue, Bottom of the Hill.

As Fellow Vessel continues to take over the airwaves, they invite you to collide your world with theirs.

Written by Janett Perez